We have written a manifesto so we never forget what we stand for!

Some might call us peculiar and idealistic as we are very truthful to our beliefs and the way we operate.


We help science come to life.

It’s our contribution to a brighter future.


We are looking for future shaping ideas.

Another marketplace won’t do it. Science will. You can’t ignore it any longer.


We are looking for breakthrough thinkers.

There is no one special place for them. There is no one type of person. The makers of tomorrow can be anywhere. We are devoted to discovering and unlocking their full potential.


No idea is too early, no concept is too complex.

True innovators, when provided with time and money, can achieve the unthinkable.


We provide innovators with money and value.

Value ain’t Valuation. Value means building a relationship, supporting founders, picking up the phone at midnight, helping business pass their first hurdles, close the first sale, and raise money. Value is a long term commitment.


We don’t look for overnight success stories.

Solving complex problems requires time. There are no shortcuts.


We respect and support founders decisions.

We sit on the sidelines until we are being asked to help.

We talk the talk and we walk the walk.

Feel free to reach out to our founders and ask about us!