We provide founders
with money and value.

Value is not just a valuation. Value means building relationships, supporting founders on their journey, picking up the phone at midnight, helping businesses to pass their first hurdles, close their first sale, raise money, unlock their true potential. In short, value is a long term commitment.

We are looking for
breakthrough thinkers.

There is no one special place, nor one special type of person. The makers of tomorrow can be anywhere. We are devoted to discovering the unsung heroes and futurists and to unlock their full potential.

Do you fit the description?
Are you wicked-smart?

We aren’t looking for
the overnight success stories.

Solving complex problems requires time. There are no shortcuts. At the beginning of every great innovation, there is someone who has decided to go against conventional knowledge. You might know them as scientists, we call them unsung heroes. The only problem is that while science is understood by so few, a great invention is admired by many. It takes a special mind to turn the incomprehensible into desire, to turn a scientific idea into a technological breakthrough.

Unfortunately most start-ups fail. Our job is to help you beat those odds. That is why, we have developed internal metrics for different verticals, that prepare start-ups for the unfair fight.

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Our companies

QNA Technology

QNA Technology is a global leader in the development of colloidal, semiconductor quantum dots technology – small crystals capable of light emission and absorption.
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SatRevolution is on a mission to build a constellation of nanosatellites capable of capturing the entire surface of the Earth in 50cm resolution every 30 minutes.
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Bioceltix is changing the standards of veterinary therapy through the development of innovative biopharmaceuticals based on stem cells.
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Farm Innovations

Farm Innovations is developing an intelligent herd management system that is modernizing farms around the globe.
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Biovetika is working on cheap and effective new generation veterinary vaccines against Gram-negative bacteria.
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DEBN is a medical company that is developing a novel prostate biopsy needle for urologists.
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