Bioceltix is changing the standards of veterinary therapy through the development of innovative biopharmaceuticals based on stem cells.

Bioceltix is a company made up of experienced specialists who develop innovative veterinary

therapies which harness the immunomodulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). They find new effective cures for common animal diseases. Bioceltix is also, as one of the first companies in Europe, is also preparing to submit a medicinal product, the active substance in which MSCs are present, for registration with the EMA.

Why do we think they will succeed?

Łukasz is a strong scientist with an entrepreneur spirit who played basketball from time to time with Pawel on a local team. This is how Łukasz’s determination and his frustration with the impossibility of making the perfect veterinary product met with our understanding and ability to support biotechnological start-up of global impact potential. This does not mean you need to be a basketball player to meet our investment criteria, but this example of Bioceltix shows that we keep our eyes open for bright ideas at any time and at any place.

Market proof

Number of patients(mln)12,69,50,43,8
Market value (mln EUR)3150475210190
Degenerative changes
of joints
Tendon damage,
complex bone fractures

*All data refer to European Union

**Light, recreational and accompanying horses included only