Role model:
James Clerk Maxwell

One book everyone should read:
The Last Leaf by O. Henry

Who are you?
I’m like a photon, always in motion.

What excites you?
The beauty of nature, especially majestic mountains.

What is something you are obsessed with?
Human powered two wheel vehicles.

What are you doing at Kvarko?
Among other duties, I make sure that the company is not like a ship cut off from the mainland, but that it maintains good contact with the other companies by means of written words.

What are you looking for in founders?

Enthusiasm, hard work and honesty.

What verticals are you most interested in?
Veterinary medicine, pharmacy and geolocation (especially sport trackers).

What were you doing prior to joining Kvarko?
I’ve graduated a second-cycle degree program at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (Economics with a  specialization in business environment analysis). I am a former journalist and the winner of numerous journalist competitions.