Biovetika is working on a new generation of veterinary vaccines.

Vaccination is the most effective and cheapest way to prevent illnesses in human and veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, breeders do not trust the effectiveness of vaccination and prefer to use antibiotics instead. After years of abuse and overuse of antibiotics, the appearance of antibiotic-resistant strains has been observed in animal husbandry. Subsequently, it causes infections in humans that are difficult to cure.

The technology developed by Biovetika is a platform for producing cheap and effective vaccines against Gram-negative bacteria. An innovative method of combining bacterial components into proteins allows us to maintain the full LPS structure. This leads to a more complete response of the immune system and broadens the spectrum of the vaccine’s action against many bacterial strains.

Why do we think they will succeed?

The general rule ‘prevention is better than cure’ somehow hasn’t yet been adapted by breeders around the world.. The experienced and very knowledgeable team at Biovetika decided to challenge industry standards by developing an affordable vaccination platform. Biovetika is going to revolutionize the entire animal breeding industry.

Market proof

20-60 min

Number of minutes it takes for a new generation of bacteria to develop with increased antibiotic resistance.

69 tons

Number of antibiotics sold in European countries for veterinary use in 2017, of which 99% were used for farm animals.

10 mln

Deaths in the world will be caused by antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.