DEBN is a medical company that is developing a novel prostate biopsy needle for urologists which reduces infection rates in the 5M prostate biopsies performed each year, dramatically cutting costs and improving outcomes.

Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy diagnosed in men. Transrectal prostate biopsies are standard for detecting this cancer. During this procedure, urologists use a disposable biopsy needle to collect samples of tissue for further analysis. Inserting the biopsy needle through the rectum is associated with the transfer of intestinal bacterial flora to the blood and prostate. In recent years, the infectious complication rate following prostate biopsies continues to increase. The DEBN prostate biopsy needle delivers the optimal antibiotic combination directly to the prostate, precisely  to the location where potential infections start. This application method minimizes life-threatening infections and protects patients undergoing prostate biopsy from urinary tract infections, prostatitis, and even severe septic complications.

Why do we think they will succeed?

Vast experience and broad knowledge in medicine is not enough to make a good start-up. However,  being attentive enough to notice the unmet needs of the market in terms of secure biopsies, which limit the risk of postoperative infections, gives a good foundation for  one of the most promising start-ups in modern urology. Simple (yet demanding intellectual property), scalable (yet requiring advanced clinical trials), global (yet concentrating on close cooperation with doctors in different countries) in pair with well-planned business model – all this makes DEBN a very unique and promising company!

Market proof


The percentage that a man will be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman with breast cancer.

3 mln

American men living with a prostate cancer.

2.3 min