QNA Technology

QNA Technology is a global leader in the development of colloidal, semiconductor quantum dots technology – small crystals capable of light emission and absorption.

Thanks to their unique properties, they can elevate the display industry, photovoltaics, and plant growing industries to new heights of quality and efficiency.

The company is already conducting pilot sales of its products: QNA.dots, while still developing new ones: QNA.ink and QNA.select.

QNA Technology has managed to synthesize QNA-B.dots – cadmium-free, blue quantum dots, which are the Holy Grail of the display industry. Now, they are undergoing further optimization in order to obtain a scalable product that could be a breakthrough in the display market and supplant the OLED technology.

Being aware of the globally limited supply of quantum dots, the QNA Technology team has not only just synthesized QNA-B.dots, but has invented and developed a unique flow technology for repetitive synthesis of top quality quantum dots in large quantities. In this way, the company is able to meet and exceed the requirements of global manufacturers by supplying industrial volumes of nanostructures with the highest physical and chemical parameters.

Why do we think they will succeed?

We believe that quantum dots technology is about to revolutionize the display market, as it has already happened once when LED technology completely suppressed cathode-ray tube technology. What is more, quantum dots have proved to be extremely beneficial in a number of verticals like farming, packaging, transportation and green energy. 

Artur and Mateusz, founders of QNA, are not only some of the top scientists within their field, but also skilled entrepreneurs ready to challenge and beat their competition. 

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