SatRevolution is on a mission to build a constellation of nanosatellites capable to capture the entire surface of the Earth in 50cm resolution every 30 minutes.

The experienced team of 20+ world-class aerospace engineers and image processing specialists, led by business leaders with a proven track record, has managed to successfully put three nano satellites into orbit within just a short time. The company plans to launch the first section of the constellation, composed of 16 nanosatellites, in 2022.

SatRevolution advancements haven’t gone unnoticed. In October,2019, the company established consortium with Virgin Orbit and nearly a dozen Polish universities to design and carry out the world’s first dedicated commercial small satellite mission to Mars.

Why do we think they will succeed?

The founders of SatRevolution impressed us with their courage and open-minded yet fully professional approach. They have proven many times over that the phrase  “the sky’s the limit” doesn’t apply to them as they are constantly redefining what is possible in the industry – not to mention their broad business experience, supported by a successful track record… All these factors convinced us to invest in the company.

Market proof

Value of Earth observation market, $B